SC | Plumbing & Heating

Our plumbing and heating team have delivered many installations from the most basic of systems up to the installation of large scale air conditioning and heat exchange systems. Their attention to detail allows them to plan layouts to ensure all pipework can be hidden within walls to give clean finishes within properties, whilst allowing access to the main serviceable parts to ensure any future works can be done with minimum disruption. Using only the best brand materials our clients can rest assured their install will last for many years and integrating the latest of smart home technology they can monitor and amend their heating from their smartphones and other devices whilst away from the home. Attention to detail when installing bathrooms and wet rooms is of utmost importance to our teams and partnering with leading bathroom suppliers allows us to plan designs that match the customers vision to bring concept to reality. Within large scale developments our team will work with developers and landlords to plan a design that can be accommodated within the plant rooms to ensure easy access in the future.